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Our role relates to the commercial foodservice facilities operation of the Australian and international markets. We ensure that the services (foodservice consultancy) provided meet the relevant codes and regulations and in the foodservice brief. We consider the type of service to offer, the workspace required and workflow. We look at production and distribution systems, and service aspects that ensure performance, profitability and efficiency for the food service operation.

Our design work in presented through CAD drawings outlining layouts of the kitchen equipment, the electrical and hydraulic service requirements, equipment elevations and special conditions drawings. Click here to view our shortlisted client list with various projects covering commercial kitchens, cafe outlets, restaurants, stadiums and premier bars in Australia.

Our approach to design and documentation make a significant saving in both time and money to ensure foodservice at its best.


The design of the food and beverage facilities where we generally provide:-
  • The provision of advice.
  • Research to determine relevant trends
  • Latest concepts, tastes, etc …
  • The preparation of a foodservice brief.
The design of the food and beverage facilities where we generally provide:-
  • Foodservice layout, electrical services, hydraulic services, special conditions and elevation drawings.
  • Penetration layouts are available on request.
  • Written food and beverage specifications with detailed design drawings and costing sheet.
  • Facilities which might vary from fresh cook to receiving kitchens for buy-in prepared food.
  • Central plating and dishwashing as opposed to carrying out these functions at the dining rooms.
  • Centralisation of foodservice production.

FoodService design specialists

To discuss your commercial food and beverage project and design a plan to succeed call our foodservice consultant team on (+612) 9418 8324 or use our contact us page.

Our Expertise ... Your Advantage ... Foodservice Consultancy Done Right

What Cini Little commits to is a level of foodservice design excellence. As foodservice consultants a focus on a design which provides cost effective, efficient working procedures and processes that maximises the overall productivity of your operations and facilities including food safety and OH&S concerns. As well providing attention to detail and those extra features to complete the food service design. The provision of necessary studies and reports, with experience in local and worldwide markets Cini Little offers unmatched commitment to your project.

Our aim is to provide the best value, most complete foodservice consultantancy ensuring that your project satisfies your aims.

Our foodservice consultant team aim to provide satisfaction by ensuring your need of a design, advice and information or an operating solution is fully delivered. Our foodservice designs seek to provide an optimum-working environment for staff. We work with the designers to ensure the design concept, visually and functionality is given maximum emphasis in your foodservice operation.

Our experience in all aspects of the condition and operation of food and beverage services means that as foodservice consultants we can make a real contribution to your operational plans whether you foodservice is fine dining, fast food, ship, plane, train, health and aged care, corporate, employee feeding or sporting services. Backing up this range of practical experience is our knowledge of:

  • Equipment development and operations.
  • Trends in both the domestic and international market places, particularly in terms of concepts and menus.
  • Options available and alternate approaches to acceptable solutions.
  • Resource database – see our international network of collegues.

When Cini Little undertakes your work we know cost and time are critical in the development of your foodservice operation. Cini Little commits to the completion of this work within the agreed time frame.

A design that works is the aim of the game, our foodservice consultants time after time deliver designs meeting the foodservice equipment requirements. A project that comes in within budget is on top of the mind and the provision on budgets can be requested to assist in pricing. Thus our foodservice consultants focus towards a facility that reflects best practice and a facility and food service operation which will provide a realistic benchmark and success.

Cini Little can assist you in satisfying the requirements of authorities at all levels Federal, State or Local. Regulations which will impact the planning and operation of your food service operation which include the BCA, food premises code, food hygiene, OH&S, fire safety and extraction requirements. Over the years we have found my designers and professionals extend they are foodservice designers/consultants, we highly recommend you take the time to check them out, Cini Little Foodservice Consultants are very experienced and only focus within the foodservice industry.

Cini Little gets it right. When the documents are issued they cover a design which provides the correct information, which ensures the provision of all required data (electrical, hydraulic, special conditions, penetration) to enable the various engineers to complete their tasks, our drawings are highly detailed allowing for the other trades a clear desciptions of works, this allows for acheiving a process that can avoid a lot of additional costs.

A key element of our approach is the recognition that there is a wealth of experience in the market place. Cini Little is always prepared to access this information to even further improve the results for our client. Finally we would stress our commitment to the principle of working with our colleges as a team to ensure the total co-ordination of the effort going into the foodservice project as well as all its outcomes.

The Code of Ethics which guides Cini Little is based on the Code of Ethics by which all members of the international body of foodservice consultants, (Foodservice Consultants Society International) are bound.

Our Code of Ethics follows:
The food facilities design and management profession requires undoubted integrity, experience, business responsibility and judgement. A consultant's honesty of purpose and loyalty to his client must be above question. We must act as professional advisers to our clients, and our advice must be unprejudiced.

We have moral responsibilities to our professional associates and employees. Our acts affect the public health and safety. These duties and responsibilities require that our motives, conduct and ability are such as to command respect and confidence.